Saturday, February 18, 2012

TNYAB: Maurizio Cattelan's at " Family business"

TNYAB: Maurizio Cattelan's" Family business"

Gallery in The Chelsea

FAMILY BUSINESS is a new exhibition space by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni.

FAMILY BUSINESS is a guest house – a place where friends, enemies, people we admire and respect are invited to present the works of artists they support and projects they believe in.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

NYA presents Walt Cessna, Wade Mccollum, Paul Lisicky



interviews with

Paul Lisicky

Walt Cessna,

Wade Mccollum,

read all about it at

The Pride Review

a new GLBT journal in the spirit of The James White Review

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New York Fashion Week 2012: what's.......

Fashion week 2012

New York Fashion Week What's your VICE

fashion rules green is still in

patterns are back feathers are always cool stripes never go away

denim is going grey

short is to short

baggy is out

Porter Grey is bringing back a great Gatsby nostalgia

but music and fashion still rock the run ways

I say keep it natural and you'll be ahead of the fashionistas

Franck de Las Mercedes PEACE Out

Franck de Las Mercedes

PEACE send


"Fragile Contains: Peace, Love or Hope",

Artist Franck de Las Mercedes mails empty boxes to many around world.
Public art at its best like forwarding the unexpected.

Request your own Peace box from the artist and live up to its invitation.

Art meets activism meets your heart.

He started 2006 and the project has reached epic proportions by sending out a few thousands boxes as of yet. Funding comes from donations so if you are into this kind of messaging give freely.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mayson Gallery: "Modern Love" Mick Rock, Marne Lucas & others

Mayson Gallery: "Modern Love" Mick Rock, Marne Lucas & others









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Damien Hirst can you................

Damien Hirst can you................ can you spot me now

don't get me wrong I love Damien Hirst
but this is a bizarre situation. I always wanted to spoon with him admired his ass and his recklessness. I would have forgiven him fore a herd of calf’s in formaldehyde but spot paintings everywhere. We got the joke the first time and it was somewhat lame like a British dick. and you know that crazy Japanese woman did it so much better and did it all her self. So these dots give me gas.

Anyhow they have become priceless objects. And have out done Warhol’s soup cans for sure.

I get Art I get Damien both are kind of like an obnoxious child that wants attention even if it is for misbehavior.

So I read about the out cry about outsourcing of artistic labor even if it happens in a castle.160 to be exact and they also make coffee and clean up to keep the art blue chip clean.

Staring at 462 spots gives me shifty eyes not unlike its creators. So is Damien a creator does he have a creative bone in him or is he just a good taste maker a hyper. It doesn't matter and he is for sure a bit of it all the clown the genie and the morbid self saboteur.

11 Gagosian galleries across the world coordinated this spot-ackle for us to judge by displaying 3oo plus out of supposedly 1500 and I had thought at one point they had burned up in a storage fire. I guess that was just a publicity stunt.

At least Murakami did little symbols & faces. The spot is spot on and challenges our short attention span. We don't have to think but are able to enjoy the interplay of colors.

“I mean it does nothing for me” spots don't please me or arouse me like sharks do. That's why these paintings are so good as a marketing ploy they arouse a scandal for their triviality. Like the bad boy has changed his spots and still wants to be a cleaned up kind of gentrified wild guy. He doesn't want to have to die for his art to give it value so to speak.

Lot's of thought has gone in promoting this so labeled thoughtless art. Of course their is a hidden code in these just like in Richter's squares something highly mysterious that will only be deciphered hundreds of years from now; like we are still trying to figure out what Mona Lisa's smile means or meant or means to us or will mean in the future to others.

Okay there is nothing there or like Gertrude Stein would say "there is no there there" but I had found myself imagining one of these painting above my white couch and decide that they do break the realm of sterility into compartments of joy.

So again like so many times its not about what we look at but about how we look at it. The way I look at it is that they are perfectly well suited to look good on some very rich persons wall.

And because I have a blind spot for jealousy I don't give a hounds ass.

If you want a more in-depth critic go read this

Debbie Harry at Wip

Wip it Up

the amazing Debbie Harry

February 7th, 2012


Deborah Harry

Miss Guy's Debut Solo Album “Dumb Blonde”

With DJ Miss Guy and DJ Nick Zinner

New York Fashion Forward

Art film by Kevin Henson

Doors at 10 PM

WiP – 34 Vandam Street, NYC
iTunes US -
Dumb Blonde CD -

Hide and Seek at the Brooklyn Museum

Hide, Seek and you will find if you are lucky and the law is with you

"But what is it, is it an "It"

last days to see it

Gender and Sexuality are at the center at this amazing show HIDE & SEEK: Difference and Desire

a show, a portrait of America;
more than 100 Art works are exhibited in all medias in an exhibit that documents the role of sexual identity in modern art.

NY NY collectors alert

What's going on what's rising up. Art stars are everywhere waiting to become the next big thing. Who needs Chinese Art when we have the best in our back yard

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brooklyn art project interview with Heidi Zito

Scooter LaForge live in the EAST Village

well known artist Scooter LaForge has taken on the beautification of the East Village
long live Art in public spaces

Monday, February 6, 2012

Walt Cessna is Wolf Pack at

Come celebrate the release of Walt Cessna's 2nd photography book
WOLFPACK! Photographs by Walt Cessna Art direction by Frank Gargiulo

BOOK RELEASE EVENT // Fri Feb 17 / 8pm
Performance // Chad Ferro
Music // DJ Sheba Legend


EXHIBITION ON VIEW // through Feb 19 / Sat-Sun 1-6pm

138 Bayard St. Brooklyn 11222
Take L train to Graham

WOLFPACK! Limited Edition 200 pg full color soft cover 8 X 10 photography book art directed by Frank Gargiulo & WOLFPACK! 2012 Calendar art directed by George William Widmer. 140 dudes. 1 Lady Rizo. DJ Sheba Legend. Bad Boy of burlesque Chad Ferro. I will be showing 200 5 X 7 portraits. 10 first edition copies of book & calendar signed with choice of 1 print from show. A very special 30 X 46 hand painted print collaboration with Scooter LaForge / CESSNA HEARTS LAFORGE.

WOLFPACK! logo by Frank Gargiulo

WALT CESSNA / WOLFPACK! by PAUL DARLING A heady mix of the erotic, the sublime and the seemingly everyday, Walt’s new work, WOLFPACK!, sees him share the most intimate of moments with an eclectic array of model subjects and translate these experiences into photographs that both shock and seduce the senses. Like a shorn and inked Pied Piper with a camera and a creative hard-on, Walt leads us through the pulsating roar of the city, the throb and hum of the candy neon-spilled streets, the clang of strangers shifting in stairwells and into the silent sanctuary of the lover’s bedroom where we’re aware that anything can happen. And it does. Walt is a visual junkie; an aesthetic magpie who artfully plunders the realms of photo-journalism, fashion photography, pornography and conventional portraiture to serve, time and time again, image after image that feeds his desire to show us how he sees the world. Shot over 2 years, WOLFPACK! is Walt’s second book of photography. The first, FUKT 2 START WIT, also the name of his first solo New York show, was published to great acclaim in 2010, noted by the public and critics alike for its collection of unique and visually innovative portraits. With WOLFPACK! he continues to explore the themes of reflection, eroticism, isolation, alternative ideas of machismo, queer culture and beauty through portraits that inspire awe, introspection and lust in equal measure. Born in Flushing, Queens, Walt embarked on his notorious career in fashion at the crazy tender age of 13 (Mozart may have been composing at 5 years old, but he wasn’t dealing with the complexities of fabric and form), and went on to become a fashion editor, writer, stylist, magazine publisher, designer, agent and of course, a photographer. Throughout his fashion career, many who swam in Walt’s pond went on to become very big fish indeed, due in no small part to his gift for aesthetics. It is this education - at the heart of the fashion world, running around with the clubutantes of the 90’s and beyond, discovering and styling the glitterati, pulling all-nighters to make deadlines and being at the forefront of what was new and hot and now – that has shaped Walt’s vision. He no longer needs to prove that he’s the kid who knows all there is to know about fashion and style….he is so beyond that it ain’t even funny. Style without substance is no longer enough for him – his work goes much deeper than that. In fact it was in 2005, after a four year break from creating art and an ensuing orgy of hedonistic self-destruction San Francisco, that he once again decided to pick up a camera and yet realized that he no longer wanted to do fashion photography. He needed to move BEYOND fashion – to look at people not clothes, the intimate not the ostentatious, the inside not the outside.